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Proverbium 1-17: Table of Contents



Proverbium 1:17: Table of Contents



ISBN 1-875943-24-2





Shirley L. Arora, "The Perception of Proverbiality" 1

Alan Dundes, "On Whether Weather 'Proverbs' Are Proverbs" 39

Arvo Krikmann, "On Denotative Indefiniteness of Proverbs" 47

Ricarda Liver, "Aspekte des Sprichworts: Zu einer neuen Sammlung von schweizerdeutschen Sprichwörten" 93

Démétrios Loukatos, "Proverbes et Commentaires Politiques: Le Public devant les Télé-Communications actuelles" 119

Lutz Röhrich, "Prolegomena zu einer Neu-Bearbeitung des Lexicons der sprichwörtlichen Redensarten" 127


Permyakov's Last Letter to Wolfgang Mieder 153


Mathilde Hain (1901-1983), by Wolfgang Mieder 155

G. L. Permjakov (1919-1983), by Dumitru Stanciu 161

G. L. Permjakov (1919-1983), by Vilmos Voigt 167

Grigorij L'vovic Permjakov (1919-1983), by Peter Grzybek 175


"'Eulen nach Athen,' 'To carry coals to Newcastle,'" by Wolfgang Mieder 183

"'Kredit ist tot,'" by Wolfgang Mieder 187

"'To bite the dust,'" by Felix Oinas 191


"On Handling 250,000+ Citation Slips," by Stewart A. Kingsbury 195


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Joyce Penfield, Communicating with Quotes (Dan Ben-Amos) 225

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Alexander Rot, Problems of Modern British and American Slang (Vilmos Voigt) 249


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Wolfgang Mieder, "International Proverb Scholarship: An Updated Bibliography through 1981" 273

Wolfgang Mieder, "Recent International Proverb Scholarship: An Annotated Bibliography for 1982 and 1983" 311



ISBN 1-875943-25-0


DEDICATION iii         



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Arvo Krikmann, "Some Additional Aspects of the Semantic Indefiniteness of Proverbs" 58

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Wolfgang Mieder, "Popular Views of the Proverb" 109

Judy Pasamanick, "Watched Pots Do Boil: Proverb Interpretation through Contextual Illustration" 145

Dumitru Stanciu, "Points de vue sur la parémiologie structurale" 185

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ISBN 1-875943-26-9





Pack Carnes, "Wayland Debs Hand as Folklorist" 1

Wolfgang Mieder, "Wayland Debs Hand as Paremiologist" 5


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ISBN 1-875943-27-7





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