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In the past year a total of 104 new and reprinted proverb collections have come to my attention, and I present them here as usual as a sign of the high activity level of paremiographers throughout the world. Once again there are major regional, national, and international collections as well as minor and popular collections. Altogether they reflect the rich tradition of collecting proverbs for the purpose of historical and comparative research as well as the pure enjoyment of these bits of wisdom.

There have been several colleagues and friends who have helped me in locating these new and reprinted collections. I would like to thank in particular Ahmad Abrishami (Tehran), Frantisek Cermák (Prague), George Cotter (Debre Zeit), Waclawa Korzyn (Kraków), Kevin J. McKenna (Burlington), Valerii M. Mokienko (St. Petersburg), Gyula Paczolay (Veszprém), Stanislaw Predota (Wroclaw), Katsuaki Takeda (Sapporo), Helmut Walther (Wiesbaden), and Fionnuala Williams (Belfast). They have provided me with important bibliographical information and, whenever possible, they also sent me the actual publications for my international proverb archive.

Please continue to support my bibliographical and archival efforts. Obviously I would like to make these annual bibliographies as complete as possible. Feel free to send me reviews of new proverb collections that merit being published in Proverbium. If you possibly can, please send one copy of such books to me as well. If need be, I am prepared to pay for these collections so that they can become part of the archive here in Burlington, Vermont.

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The full text of this bibliography is published in De Proverbio - Issue 3:1996 & Issue 4:1996, an electronic book, available from amazon.com and other leading Internet booksellers.


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The full text of this bibliography is published in De Proverbio - Issue 3:1996 & Issue 4:1996, an electronic book, available from amazon.com and other leading Internet booksellers.


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Wolfgang Mieder
Department of German and Russian
Waterman Building
University of Vermont
Burlington, Vermont 05405


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