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One swallow does not make a summer.

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To make a change often takes a lot of initial energy and effort. This is not unlike a rocket that expends most of its energy in the first few miles even though its destination may be hundreds of thousands of miles away.
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I begin this second editorial in the life of De Proverbio with a great sense of satisfaction. In the six months that have passed since the first issue was published, we as paremiologists have achieved a lot. Not only has our electronic journal put 'paremiology' on the Web, but it has also met with instant success and its international appeal continues to grow day by day. In fact, from the humble beginnings of accesses of the order of tens a week, De Proverbio (see Statistics) now attracts a regular readership averaging over 1,300 accesses a day, coming from a weekly average of 50 countries from all continents. The last couple of weeks registered days with well over 1,550 accesses. This means that every minute somebody from somewhere out there in this smaller and smaller cyberworld of ours clicked on a De Proverbio document. What's more, our journal transfers at the moment an average of 63,000,000 bytes per day to the world, which is the equivalent of some 21,000 A4 pages. The editor and the journal's Editorial Board members are very proud of this achievement and also very grateful to you, the readers, for the encouragement you give us simply by looking at our work.

We have had exchanges of ideas and information on proverbs with people from different countries as well as many congratulatory messages from our readers. We appreciate the impetus they give us to maintain the standard already achieved by De Proverbio.

In this second issue we are able to offer a series of articles on Hispanic proverbs, all by the authority on the subject, Professor Shirley L. Arora. We join Proverbium, which has dedicated its 1995 issue as a "Festschrift" to Shirley, and congratulate her for an outstanding contribution to paremiology. On a personal note, my heartfelt thanks for her continuous support and advice on editorial matters.

In the Current Research section we publish three articles, one by Wolfgang Mieder (USA) dealing with Churchill's use of proverbs, the second by Jonathan Charteris-Black (UK) on speech and silence proverbs and the third, written in Spanish by Herón Pérez Martínez (Mexico), on ethnic identity in Mexican proverbs.

In the Notes and Queries we have placed enquiries regarding proverbs. We invite anyone able to answer to send an e-mail to our readers directly from that page.

I am delighted to announce that the next issue's MASTERS section will be devoted to the writings of the late Archer Taylor, the "grand master of international paremiology" (Wolfgang Mieder).

Copyright © Teodor Flonta

Teodor Flonta
October 1995

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